Tuesday Tours

Today we are virtually touring the home of world-renowned designer, Monique Gibson. The launch of her career was nothing short of rocker glitz with Elton John giving the Atlanta-based designer his home in the South of France as one of their first projects. 

Jon Bon Jovi, Meg Ryan, and Jon Stewart, and obviously Elton - make up just a few of her star-studded client list, who book meetings at the four-story brownstone building where she lives and works.

Accommodating those jet-setting agendas, in many ways, is what led her to the Manhattan property several years back. As her growing team searched for a larger workplace, her office manager pointed out one of those unbelievable truths of New York City real estate: “We could have a whole house for what an office costs.” Gibson was already practically living at work—her insane travel schedule having reduced her beloved apartment in the nearby Police Building to a veritable luggage check—so she decided to try something new: combine the two. She’d live on the top two floors and work (alongside her team of five) on the lower levels.It's a living canvas," she says of her home. "Sometimes things come in and go out very quickly."


We hope you enjoyed our Tuesday Tour! 

See you soon,
The 30a Team